Lynch Brian

Lynch Brian

Lynch Brian

Head Coach stats

Age: 36
Size: 198cm
Weight: 92kgs
Role: Headcoach

Date of birth: June 12th 1978
Place of residence: Bree, Belgium
Married: Yes
Kids: 2, Jada and Jack

Career as a player

1996-2000 Villanova Universtiy
2000 - Poland
2001 - Israel and Portugal
2002 - Greece and Germany
2003 - Italy, France, Germany
2004 - 2008 Bree Belgium
2008 - Antwerp Giants

Career as a coach

2011 - Houthalen 3rd national
2012 - Houthalen 2nd national
2013 - Assistant coach antwerp giants
2014 - Limburg United


Idol - Growing up, Allan Houston, Now: Greg Popovich
Favorite NBA team - Growing up: Knicks, Now: not sure...
Best basketball moment - winning a championship with Bree!


Hobbies - music, gardening, health
Favorite dish - meat/veggies

Expectations for Limburg United

To progress through the season and be one of the best teams in Belgium when it matters!